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About This Game

Pseudo-Psy Play is an eccentric blend of a side-scrolling shooter and a point-and-click quest. The time has come – face your fears in this bone-chilling story-driven horror adventure that feels (and looks) like nothing else in the genre.

There is no escape.

It is your Pseudo-Psy Play.


“The United States of America – Home of beautiful Nature!”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play is happening right here and right now. In this play, our modern world is the stage where the story unfolds;

“I guess I should have said this in Introduction, but anyway, now it’s too late”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play is a play. Innovative storytelling methods: only in Pseudo-Psy Play rooms can speak. As Joseph, you will make your way through the House and relive many terrifying episodes from Rose Underwood’s life;

“Is This Really Happening?”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play stands for a Pseudo-Psychological Play. A fresh look at the psychological horror genre: an intuitive combat system will allow you not to only run away from enemies, but also to fight them;

“Monsters… They are real, Joseph”

  • In the twisted, surreal world of Pseudo-Psy Play all the monsters are real. And if you want to survive, you should treat every one of them in a completely different way;

“How could this be?…”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play is open to dialogue with the player. Pseudo-Psy Play considers multiple factors (such as the language you speak and your playstyle) to create unique, personalized experience. It is YOUR Pseudo-Psy Play;

“It is my Pseudo-Psy Play…”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play has an ace in the hole. Use the power of tarot cards to gain an advantage over the horrifying enemy. But be careful – as you know advantages and disadvantages always go hand in hand, so choose wisely;

“Freakin’ awesome!”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play is portrayed by professional actors. Starring Jeff Garris, Jessica Fisher, Jessica Jacobs, Chad Shirley and Fiona Audron;

“I don’t know what to think anymore”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play does not limit itself to only one visual style or genre. An odd mix of side-scrolling and point-n-click genres that you’ve never seen before;

“I should be ready to face it”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play is a chamber play. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t just stop and explore its beautiful world full of an unexpected surprises;

“But this time it’s… Different”

  • Pseudo-Psy Play is an experience. The hand-drawn interactive cutscenes will stuck in the hallways of your mind for a very long time…

What will your Pseudo-Psy Play be?

Play A Play.

Title: Pseudo-Psy Play

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie


Pseudo-Psy Studio


Pseudo-Psy Studio

Release Date: Not Today 🌹

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo or faster
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
    • Additional Notes: For the better Pseudo-Psy Play™ experience please connect your Xbox One gamepad before starting the game

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