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In Transience, you become the hunter – an Accountant. Armed with the latest weaponry and tech, your job is to keep the books any means necessary. Only this time, you are the intended target.

Single-Player Campaign
An all new story, told through the lens of Eli Reed, an accountant-for-hire who ends up on the wrong side of the gun. Redlisted and on the run, you must uncover the mystery of who placed the bounty and why. Utilize near-future weaponry to take out your enemies as you take steps to clear your name.

Heavily inspired by gritty narratives we played growing up, the story unfolds in a way that keeps you at the edge of your seat. 8 missions, spread out over 7 incredible hand-crafted environments, telling the story of one mans journey out of Transience.
Fully Voiced Dialogue
Comic Style Cutscenes
Combat and Stealth Gadgets
Multi-Approach Maps

Tactical Stealth Action
Inspired by many tactical games from back in the day, we aimed to combine the maneuverability and fluidity of a Third Person Stealth game, with the slower pacing of a First Person Shooter. Become the spectre in the walls, the shadow picking off survivors one by one. Sometimes staying out of sight is only one way to complete the objective. Sometimes a more active and aggressive hand is required. Transience offers the player a ton of ways to approach objectives, from Stalking in the shadows, Running and Gunning down corridors or a blend of both. Utilize an arsenal of customizable weaponry to make your enemies fear your presence. You are the accountant.

Deep Weapon Customization
Powered by NWS™ (New World Systems) this industry-wide standard has allowed weapons manufacturers to interchange attachments and core parts at will. Take an SMG and turn it into an Assault Rifle or take an Assault Rifle and modify it into a DMR. Throughout the story, you will unlock attachments and weapons via stashes found around the environments that allow you to build and customize weapons on the fly. With 13 base weapons to discover throughout the campaign, NWS™ allows over 500 different combinations of parts, making your job and survival that much easier.

A Whole New World
Take on the city of New Houston in the year 2056. Peace has been torn apart by a sudden conflict overseas, resulting in war-time prosperity. Government contracts are king, and advancement at any cost for the war effort drives industry in America. Corporations have gained so much influence from the new status quo that they have become the de facto law of the land. Currency is shifting towards digital under the government’s nose, funded by the innovative new technologies in their most dangerous forms being researched and shipped out to the war. Propaganda insists that the scraps of progress trickle down to the citizens, a half-truth. Access the advanced technology of corporate influence, from shrinking forms of medical tech to quieter suppressors and magnetic subway lines, the city is full of gadgets to use and weaknesses to exploit.

NNCG “Eclipse” Suit
Developed by NOVASKIN™ – This Nitro-capsule Gilded Undersuit was initially built for the war efforts as it provided the wearer with solid kevlar-superior protection for quick engagements, featuring lightweight armor panels attached to a thin, form-fitting undersuit. Powered by N-caps, this low-energy-consumption suit is one of the top of the line, premier front-line combat suits in existence, always outperforming its competition by a country mile. The secret is in an underlying layer of specially developed Non-Newtonian Colloid that temporarily provides highly reactive armor for far extremely effective protection. This suit gives you access to a number of gadgets to help you along your journey, from a Camera Vision Interceptor to a Flash Pulse for blinding enemies and Night Vision.

Title: Transience

Genre: Action, Indie


Bigfry Media Ltd.


Bigfry Media Ltd.

Release Date: 2023

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 8.1

    • OS: Windows 10

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